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Other Courses

APL Group offers health and safety programs tailored to your specific workplace or community circumstances. These may incorporate Australian First Aid or Emergency Dynamics units or certificate programs.

GR8 4 Life community program

This program offers a wealth of information on health and wellbeing, including issues such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, hygiene, diabetes, stress, depression and suicide. It includes details for assistance and support services.

Certificate II in Understanding and Management of Diabetes

Diabetes is a major health issue throughout the Australian workforce. This course is relevant for workers in health care and allied industries, including aged care, disability workers and fitness instructors; workers at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes due to the sedentary nature of their role, including office workers and drivers; workers in high risk environments and workers operating heavy vehicles or machinery. The course is also suitable for anyone diagnosed with diabetes, people who have a family member with diabetes and people with high risk ethnicity including indigenous Australians, Maori and Pacific Islanders.